animatednotation.com [ANDC] was created by composer Ryan Ross Smith in order to document the emerging field of Animated and Dynamic Music Notation. ANDC was, and continues to be, inspired by the groundbreaking site animatednotation.blogspot.com, created and maintained by Pall Ivan Palsson and the S.L.A.T.U.R. artists collective.
What is Animated Music Notation? [the quick and dirty explanation]

Animated Music Notation falls under the umbrella term Dynamic Scoring, and describes a particular approach to the representation of musical concepts.

Why animate notation?

Plenty of reasons, including alternative approaches to generating rhythmic complexity, electroacoustic synchronicity, open/modular form, among others. Please visit the ‘Composers’ page to learn more.

About the author:

animatednotation.com is run by composer Ryan Ross Smith out of his apartment in Troy, NY. Ryan is currently a PhD student in Electronic Arts at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he is studying with Pauline Oliveros, Michael Century, and Curtis Bahn. His compositional work can be found at ryanrosssmith.com.

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