[Daniel Godinez Nivon] Tequio-rolas

Daniel Godinez Nivon’s Tiquio-rolas, an animated score of sorts, described by Nivon as follows: “The drawings are scores generated by the collective interaction in meetings held at the Assembly of Indigenous Migrants in Mexico City (AMI) so that later the Philharmonic Band interprets Indigenous Children in an improvisation. […]

[Don Buchla] Q

Thanks to Roger Dannenberg for pointing this piece out to me, certainly along the tongue-in-cheek lines of Sender’s Tropical Fish Opera and Moran’s Divertissement Number One. Here is a short quote from the NY Times article, 2.14.1982: “In Don Buchla’s ”Q,” musical rules were most clearly defined. Each […]

[Andy Ingamells] Ringing Out

Ingamells describes this performance as follows: “Giant 5-line stave made from bungee chords attached to the four columns of the atrium. Five giant clusters of helium balloons floating in the space. Clusters are attached to ropes that can be pulled by visitors to the library (pulled like ringing […]