Jesper Pedersen

Representative works:

Seascape [2013]for percussion, organ pipes, and bubble jars [audience]

Helmut [2013]for percussion and electronics

Q-B [2013]for 5 cellos

Hajodakese [2013]for 5 percussionists and electronics

Pulled Pork [2013]for reed organ and ‘pulled pork’ [instrument made from an air pump with a deer grunter and a balloon attached]

Q-A [2012]for violin, viola, Bb clarinet, and piano

Spooky Circle [2012]for 3 theremins

Spúki spírall / Spooky Spiral [2012]for harp, musical saw, thunder sheet, and sound machines

U.F.O.’s from Outer Space [2012]for circuit-bent toys quintet

Electric Light Orchestra [2012]for harp, orchestra and lights

Gouda [2011]for electric harp, krumphorn, sheep sound boxes, live electronics and arduino-controlled soap bubble machine

Amsterdam [2011]for electric harp, clicker, The Pipe, and ‘the electric messenger’, an arduino-controlled massager on percussionist’s head

Það kemur í ljós / It comes into light [2010]for harp, percussion, lights and electronics

Struttz [2011]Circuit-bent toys quartet

Flycatcher [2011]for piccolo flute

Hoofddorp [2011]for electric guitar and computer sound

Flöskuhnakki / Bottleneck [2011]for prepared plastic bottles in 3 groups

Laser Cat the Christmas Edition [2010]for piano with sound exciters, electronics, and video

Laser Cat [2010]Piano and electronics

Blátt er líka fínt! / Blue is also nice! [2010]for airwavesrör (long plastic tube instrument), langspil (stringed instrument), þyriltrommu (drum with motor driven drumsticks), rope, and computer

Present Time 3 [2009]for harp, steeldrum and live composition

Present Time 2 [2009]for voice and piano

Present Time 1 [2009]for accordion, theremin, and guitar



Jesper Pedersen is a composer, performer, independent researcher, and teacher. He is currently based in Reykjavik, Iceland, and is an active member of the composer collective S.L.Á.T.U.R.


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